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Title: Message from Rocky and MCSO Citizens Patrol
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LATEST UPDATE:  3/19/20 (

Multnomah County Emergency Management has been emailing daily situational reports regarding the COVID-19 virus.  Click HERE for yesterday's update.

The Sheriff's Office is preparing and adapting continuously to the Pandemic.  All Patrol indoor "roll calls" for deputies have been suspended so that deputies can maintain "social distancing".  Deputies are encouraged to handle calls by phone whenever possible.  All School Resource Officers have been reassigned to other units such as Patrol or the Civil Unit.  Detectives that normally work in "plain clothes" are preparing their uniforms to potentially fill Patrol deputy positions should deputies become sick or quarantined.  We have seen other departments lose a significant portion of their staff due to quarantine requirements.

This is a difficult and anxious time for everyone.   At this time, the Sheriff's Office has not be advised of any "shelter in place" requirements.  We do ask that you assist your elderly family members, friends and neighbors, or those with other health concerns by allowing them to self-isolate.  If you know of someone that's in need of assistance with grocery shopping or other needs, feel free to call 211, the Corbett Grange Hall (503-695-6674) or Deputy Graziano (see contact info above).  If you have a safety concern about another person and are unable to contact that person yourself, you can call the 24-hour non-emergency number (503-823-3333) and deputies can conduct a "welfare check".

One of our Citizen Patrol members itemized the following ways to stay informed below:
Sign up for Multnomah County Alerts at
The latest about COVID-19 from Multnomah County:
Sign up for an email about the latest about COVID-19 from the State of Oregon:
A good place to provide and get info from/to citizens:
Helpful Telephone numbers:
Multnomah County Non-Emergency Number: 503.823.3333
State of Oregon Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline: 1.855.503.7233
Multnomah County Adult Protective Services: 503.988.4450