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The IC3 Group posted video of Rob Saxton's recommendations for CSD as well as his in depth look at our school district.

Rob Saxton suggested waiting until February of 2020 to vote to go to an all charter district and only with certain conditions.
You can hear this at 1:43:52 in this video:

Saxton also recommended CSD form a Committee (Visions and Values Committee) to help guide the goals for our school district.

He suggested this group be a broad representation of 20 people. Specifically to include: 3 school board members, 1 Superintendent, 2 community members with no students in school, 6 community parents with kids in school, 2 parents from out of district, 2 high school students. This can be heard at 1:36:30 in the video.

The attached graphic gives an overview of CSD's choices for those serving. The Vision and Values Committee members here:

Post by: on August 28, 2019, 03:06:59 PM
Visions and Values Committee Members Include:

Kristin Miles: Oregon School Board Association Facilitator

Sheron Fruehauf: Community Member

Dee Dee Hanes: Staff

Chris Holden: Community Member

Helen Perry: Student

Geoffrey  Wunn: Non-Resident Parent

Kate Hawley: Student

Alisa Goslin Davis: Non-Resident Parent

Abigail Steichen: Staff, Non-Resident Parent

Travis Younker: Resident Parent

Phil Pearson: Staff, Non-Resident Parent

Vanessa  Lyon: Resident Parent

David Gorman: Board Member

Debbie Vasen: Resident Parent

Michel Vo: Board Member, Resident Parent

Patrick Oldright: Resident Parent

Randy Trani: Staff, Resident Parent

Bethany Gelbrich: Resident Parent

Katey Kinnear: Board Member, Resident Parent

David Irving: Resident Parent

Rhiannon Young: Staff, Resident Parent