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Title: School Board Voting to go to an ALL CHARTER district in Corbett
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Tomorrow (Wednesday 5/15/19) at the Regular Corbett School Board Meeting in the MPB (7-9PM) there is a resolution to approve the charter application. (Making Corbett School District a Charter School District)


"Charter Application Action Item RESOLUTION NO. 5.186-19 - RESOLVED that the Corbett School Board, of Corbett School District, approve the Charter Application for the creation of a single-school district with charter status."


The IC3 Group posted video of Rob Saxton's recommendations for CSD as well as his in depth look at our school district. Rob Saxton suggested waiting until February of 2020 to vote to go to an all charter district and only with certain conditions. You can hear this at 1:43:52 in this video:

Saxton also recommended CSD form a Committee (Visions and Values Committee) to help guide the goals for our school district. He suggested this group be a broad representation of 20 people. Specifically to include: 3 school board members, 1 Superintendent, 2 community members with no students in school, 6 community parents with kids in school, 2 parents from out of district, 2 high school students. This can be heard at 1:36:30 in the video.

The attached graphic gives an overview of CSD's choices for those serving. The Vision and Values Committee members here:

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* An update from the Board meeting this past week shared to another group:

" After a thoughtful and direct discussion, the Board decided to hold off on taking a vote on the charter application last night. Agreeing they needed more time to evaluate the application, along with the process and practice in which they are making influential district decisions like this as the Board of Directors. There were good points made by all the Board members and Dr. Trani about the topic, and ultimately the Board chose to wait on this decision. They also agreed that the Vision and Values committee does have an important role to play in this conversation and the committee will develop their input in upcoming meetings. It sounds like , the Charter decision may be one that is made before the Vision and Values committee work is completed. However, that does not rule out the V & V committee as well as the community can give input and be part of the charter application process. Board members are aware and acknowledged that to vote on the charter application last night would be perpetuating a pattern of fast decisions that would further the divide with parts of the community. While I may not agree with all the reasons voiced last night of why this charter decision needs to be made soon, I do understand and can hear where they are coming from. Also, I really appreciate and respect the Board members for the discussion they had and choice they made to hold off on the decision last night for further review and consideration. I recognize for some people, this all may look and feel like "same as it ever was" , and I respect that perspective, too. I just wanted to share this update because positive acknowledgements - small or big - are important, in my humble opinion. Thanks for reading. " - Mikaila Way

Title: Re: School Board Voting to go to an ALL CHARTER district in Corbett
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Sharing some information sent in via email:

Agenda for the board meeting is uploaded on CSD website .. Besides big ticket items like charter school application.. ( Did not pass ) .... check out these items of interest:
*District Policies up (again) for potential deletion:
13.1 **RESOLUTION NO. 6.196-19** -
RESOLVED** that the Board approve the first read for proposed deletion
* of the following policies:

a. Policy CA/CAA  - Administrative Goals and Objectives
b. Policy KC - Community Involvement in Decision Making

****Wasn't there strong pushback at a board meeting from the audience about deleting these? isn't this in opposition to Vision & Values or holding our Admin accountable?**

Links to these policies:

****2. Trani's Employment Contract:** **


Contract for Superintendent Action Item
**RESOLUTION NO. 6.200.19- RESOLVED** that the Board update  the  employment contract for Randy Trani with proposed wording provisions for the year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020.  Presenter: Michelle Vo - Board Chair📷 [CORBETT SUPTCON 1920.docx]
Link to board books:  

*Interesting items: Highlighted new verbiage:

**Item #9:** allowing him to work remotely in July and get 40 vacation days a year.

* Compared to OSBA's superintendent boilerplate - it should be 25 days a year.

* Are we giving more vacation than normal? We already pay higher than the state average also for this position and for the teachers. *

***Item #3: **SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES. The SUPERINTENDENT shall be the chief executive officer of the district. As such, the SUPERINTENDENT shall have the primary responsibility for execution of Board policy, whereas the Board shall retain the primary responsibility for formulating and adopting said policy. The parties agree, individually and collectively, not to interfere with nor usurp the primary responsibility of the other party. The members of the Board and the SUPERINTENDENT further agree to refer promptly all major criticisms, complaints and suggestions called to their attention to the SUPERINTENDENT if appropriate to the Board for study and recommendation by the SUPERINTENDENT. *

* It seems clear that one of the main duties of the school board is to set district policy, not Trani. It does not seem right that the superintendent and district clerk (Robyn) be the ones uploading recommended policies for deletion like the 2 above. This is board work and should be carried out by assigned board members (a sub committee?), not employees.

**Item #11 **outlines termination procedures. (Fascinating)  Here is TSPC's standards for Oregon Educators-- Randi's contract refers to it as the guide for a board initiating discipline and/or terminating Randi's contract:

*What's interesting here is the part regarding administrators demonstrating skill in: HUMAN RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS 584-020-0030 (3) The competent administrator demonstrates:(a) Skill in helping students, staff, parents, and other patrons to learn about the school, the district and its program;(b) Skills in communicating district and school goals to staff and the public;(c) Willingness to be flexible in cooperatively working with others; and(d) Skill in reconciling conflict.Stat. Auth.: ORS 342 Stats. Implemented: ORS 342.143 & 342.175 - 342.190 Hist.: TS 5-1979, f. 12-19-79, ef. 1-1-80; TSPC 7-2007, f. & cert. ef. 12-14-07