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Title: CSD COMMUNITY MEETING - with Rob Saxton & IC3S
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Meeting with Rob Saxton & IC3S
Thursday, November 15th
6:30 8:30pm
Columbia Grange Hall

Independent Citizens for Sustainable School Solutions (IC3S) will conduct a community meeting with Rob Saxton, hired independent consultant and Superintendent at the Northwest Regional Education Service District.

Focus of the meeting: To provide an update on the independent review process, timeline for future benchmarks, and review the various communication tools available to the public. Rob Saxton will introduce himself and ask the audience a series of questions.  A question and answer session will follow these updates and discussion with Rob Saxton.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Brief Background:

At the September School Board meeting, the Board approved the hiring of Rob Saxton as an independent consultant to gather and review information pertinent to district finances, program, and quality.  Mr. Saxton will use this information to write and deliver both a written and verbal report with recommendations to the District, School Board, community and IC3S regarding the efficiency, efficacy, economy of scale (sustainable sizing), and potential improvement of district spending and programming.  IC3S is serving as the voluntary Project Managers for the process and Scope of Work that Rob Saxton is carrying out.

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