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Title: Safety meeting notes August 2, 1018
Post by: Victoria on September 15, 2018, 12:31:28 PM
Safety meeting notes August 1, 2018

Forest Service: Cameras are out in the closed off trails, they are catching five to six people per day who are crossing into the areas. Those caught are receiving tickets.

MCSO: They are still doing the fire investigation on the Woodard road fire. Citizen Patrol has three new members and there are three more currently in the application process.

MultCo Emergency Management: The Office is going through an Eagle Creek fire audit, they will let us know the results once the audit is complete.

Corbett Water District: Water wisely. We are coming into a critical time and the next 60 days are crucial. There has been an election of new Officers for the Board and Bob Gaughan is the new President.

MultCo Roads: Chip sealing of Hurlburt and Trout Creek is completed. They are mowing and will be taking the mower to Alex Barr road to get the brush cut back for line of sight. They expect some difficulties with this due to the switch backs and the range of the mower. They have the road on the list for grading this Fall.

Oregon State Parks:
There will be a large picnic at Rooster Rock on the 11th, parking is expected to be limited. The Perseid Meteor shower is the 12th, the event is expected to start around 9pm, or when it gets dark.
The parking issue around Dabney is one everyone is aware of, the Parks is looking at changing the policy back to No Alcohol next year which may help.
Interested to hear that others are noting problems with tour bus companies on Corbett Hill and the Old Scenic Highway. Twenty years ago there were 4-6 companies that came out, now there are more than 20. If you see some problems with the tour buses would you please take notes and forward them on to

ODOT: hazard tree removal is finished for now, they will re-evaluate in a couple of months. They have finished mowing and sweeping on the open parts of the old highway and completed paving on the landslide area between Larch and Vista House. Routine maintenance is being done on I-84.
They are doing surveying on Deadman's Corner by the Job Corp to see if they have the room to cut back 4-5 feet of the North side down hill bank.
Multnomah Falls parking lot is showing record activity, before the shuttle service there were between 1,200 to 1,800 visitors per day, right now post fire they are seeing closer to 2,600 visitors. The gates are running between 27-31 closures per day with the lot being full, there is still an issue of people ramming the gates or shoving them open instead of going by when the lot is full.
With the fire closures still in effect they are working on some delayed maintenance of the old highway. There is a wood rail order in of over 400 pieces and they have started painting and prepping them to be installed next month. They will also be painting the white rail that we see along the open section of the highway. Masonry repair is being done in the Shepards Dell area and from Larch to Vista House.
Rockfall fences are being built to handle the falls that have started in new locations.

At the end of July ODOT saw a significant increase in slide activity, with approximately 30 yards plus of debris coming down across the Historic Highway and onto the Rail road West of Oneota, and just before Horsetail Falls. What has fallen is just a small portion of what could come down as the hillside is at capacity. They will now need to do rock fall mitigation in these areas which will push back the opening of the highway. Because of the delay they will not be doing the one way phased opening this Fall, but will be pushing the pilot project back to Spring of 2019.
The Return Trail at Wecoma Falls has been cleaned five times and while they are trying to open it in conjunction with the highway, it may be delayed until they know everything is stable.
There is a possibility that the Horsetail, Oneota and Eagle Creek trails may be closed for a couple of years.
Columbia Gorge Express is doing 600-660 rides per day right now, prior to the fire they were averaging 300 with peak days of 500.
There will be a Congestion and Safety Plan open house in the Portland area at the end of September/first of October where they will be making four lists for what they would like to see implemented, and when they believe they can get the work done. There will be a Decision making meeting at the end of October to determine who does each item.
Installation of barriers on the Scenic Highway for Safety are being evaluated.