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Title: Oregon Humanities facilitated Conversation about Immigrants, Refugees and Oregon
Post by: columbia grange on February 15, 2018, 02:54:44 PM
Please join us at 6:30pm (at the Grange) to find out how others feel about the topic and to voice your own thoughts!

Global displacement is on the rise, thanks to intractable conflicts, economics, and climate change. Oregonians have and will continue to see the results of international migration in our neighborhoods. In this conversation, Manuel Padilla, who has worked with refugees in Haiti, Chad, and Washington, DC, asks participants to consider questions of uprootedness, hospitality, identity, perception, and integration and how we might build more informed, responsive, resilient, and vibrant communities. Manuel Padilla is the executive director of Portland Meet Portland and is a teacher and consultant in the areas of dialogue, conflict transformation, social change, and international aid and development.