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Title: April 2016 Crime Report
Post by: on May 06, 2016, 09:07:49 AM

There were 3 burglaries in the community this past month that are currently being investigated. In a separate incident, an adult male assaulted a family member causing serious physical injury. The man was arrested 8 days later, in Gresham, by a MCSO sergeant assigned to the U.S. Marshall's Task Force.

The Corbett Elementary School PTA generously donated $940 to the CItizen Patrol. This money is being used to purchase 12 fluorescent rain jackets with labeling, 10 ball caps and 6 traffic safety vests for the members. Not all members have been able to purchase their own rain jackets or replacement hats, so this is a great plus for the program. The jackets will be divided among both of their patrol vehicles for shared use. Thank you PTA!

The Citizen Patrol has a new website with photos and more information about the program: