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Title: An odd request - can anyone help?
Post by: on December 08, 2015, 11:16:58 AM
The below was sent in to the Corbett Oregon web site. If anyone can respond - please do so on this thread. Thank you!

Hi, an odd request: A rather strange event happened in Corbett back in the late '80s (specific dates?). A business owner of a machine shop (?) in Corbett was having a dispute with an ex-employee (business partner?), so to prevent him from coming back to the business to take things, he set up a shotgun trap there!

The ex entered and received non-life-threatening injuries to his lower legs from the triggered barage of shotgun shrapnel. I can't find this story in any archive I've tried to find online, and wonder if you could dig it up for me.

Yeah I know a stange request for a strange local story, but sometimes these past events come to mind and I then try to dig up those stories. You might call it a \'hobby\', or just plain powerful nostalgia compulsion, for things that happened in my area when I was much younger. Anyway hope you can help!

I love the gorge.

Christina Lake BC
(originally from the Portland area)