Corbett Oregon on the Historic Columbia River Highway

Deputy Joe "Rocky" Graziano

Deputy Joe "Rocky" Graziano is our Corbett Community Resource Officer. He's based out of the Corbett Community Church Safety Action Team Office and also has a small sub-office at the Corbett Middle School (503-695-3600 ext. 239). He primarily works M-TH, 7AM- 5PM. Feel free to email ( or call him with questions or concerns.

Voicemail- 503-251-2502
SAT Office- 503-695-3211
Non-Emergency- 503-823-3333

Crime Log and Updates

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Security Detail at Inauguration

" During the Presidential Inauguration fourteen other deputies and I were honored to work the security detail in Washington DC.  It was a fast and cold trip and it seemed that we had to wake up each morning for flights, briefings or the event 3AM.  

Despite this, it was an amazing and unforgettable trip.

We stood side by side w/ over 3000 officers from around the country in a long line along Pennsylvania Blvd..  Our mission was to provide security during the Inauguration (the county was reimbursed by the Feds).  

Security was extremely tight…. checkpoints, radiation detectors, holographic security cards issued by the Secret Service and more checkpoints!

Despite this, facing the crowd in 25-degree weather for about 14-hours was still exciting.  "