Corbett Levy Presentation by Dr. Randy Trani

9/15/2010: Recap: There is a 1.1 million dollar shortfall in our schools budget ( Estimated “$1,105,358 ish”, which includes $0.00 in reserves/contingency monies. ) Because of this shortage the school board has placed a local operating levy for $600,000 per year over five years, starting in 2011, on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The below images are from the power point slide show that was presented by Dr. Randy Trani last night ( 9/14/2010 ) at the Corbett School District Informational meeting in the Multi Purpose Building. The overall reason given for this shortfall was a “computer glitch” in the accounting software and “Black Magic State Funding” ( See slide #5 & #6 below ). For discussion on this topic or to post more information to share with the community … Please visit this link on the Corbett Forum.