Corbett 4H Club

What is 4H?

4H is a youth club that has enriched communities around the nation for decades. It focuses on youth leadership development through the guided exploration of agriculture, natural science, home economics and animal studies. Traditionally, 4H projects are selected by kids, guided by parents and supported by the 4H program through county extension services.

The Corbett Critters Community Club

The Corbett 4H Program The Corbett 4H program includes a variety of clubs that help the kids focus on their project area as well as work together with the community. Kids can choose from projects such as small animals, livestock, horses, photography, weaving, art and much more. All members have an opportunity to show their projects at the fairs during the summer months. Participants also ride in a float and run a booth at the Corbett 4th of July celebration.

Meetings typically take place on Fridays. Additionally, get-togethers, service projects and field trips occur as needed. How to Join The new 4H year officially starts every October 1st. The cost is $35 per child for the year (and $40 if they register after January 1st). Children need to be in at least 4th grade to join. Currently, our members’ ages range from ten to 17. We ask parents to volunteer their time in assisting the group when the need arises.

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