Helping Hands Food Salvage Program


Columbia Gorge Helping Hands Food Salvage Shopping Days:
Monday  2pm to 6pm. and Thursday  2pm to 6pm.

Seniors Lunch at the Grange:  Details here

The Columbia Gorge Helping Hands Food Salvage Program is an outreach program dedicated to providing food assistance to residents of Corbett and the neighboring rural communities east of the Sandy River. Helping Hands has over 100 volunteers and serves more than 300 people a week. Our volunteers are very dedicated, traveling almost 5000 miles a month to gather donated items. Over 1000 hours per month are donated to the program by the volunteers who drive and collect foodstuffs, off-load, clean, organize, and staff the facility throughout the week, thereby providing the donations of food and personal items to those in our area.

This program is available to any person residing east of the Sandy River, to include the communities of Springdale, Corbett, Aims, and environs. People interested in the program should present a form of ID showing name and address. If you have just moved here, a utility bill showing your name and address is sufficient.

If you have any questions, please contact (503) 695-6674  or Arnold Dufresne, Program Director, at (503) 805-1059 or Asst. Director Jeri Yoder at (503) 695-5783.

37493 Grange Hall Road, Corbett OR 97019
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