David Gorman

Official Voters Pamphlet Statement

I moved to Corbett 18 years ago because it seemed like a wonderful community. Shortly after moving to Corbett my wife and I had children and we had a concerned neighbor who warned us against sending our children to the Corbett Schools because they were so bad. As our children grew and entered school, the District underwent some changes that improved the quality of education provided to its students.

During this same time period State funding for education had been significantly reduced, making it more challenging for the District to adequately address the educational needs of all of its students. In an attempt to improve financial stability and increase educational opportunities, the District cut costs and unsuccessfully attempted to pass a local operating levy to make up for State funding cuts. In the face of significant bUdgetary constraints, the District established the Charter School to provide sufficient and stable funding for a fuller range of educational opportunities for the Corbett children.

My goal as a School Board member Is to work with the community to continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our students within the constraints of the budget.

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